get to know Wayne "The Boss" Larsen  
  Get to know Wayne Larsen
"The only difference between try and triumph is the umph!"


Wayne Larsen


  Wayne C. Larsen (The Boss) was raised in Tremonton, Utah.  He took flying lessons from his dad at the Tremonton Airport where Wayne Sr. was airport manager and FBO (Fixed Base Operation) owner.  Wayne attended Utah State University in the early 1970's obtaining his airframe and power plant licenses in 1972.  He graduated from the College of Engineering with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Aeronautical Technology in April 1974.  He went into partnership with his dad, C. Wayne Larsen, in late 1972.  Wayne bought the family business, Airmotive Service, on January 1, 1978.


  He moved the business to  the Brigham City Airport in  November of 1999 because of the  closure of the Tremonton Airport.   Wayne and his employees are  involved with aerial application  (spraying and seeding), aerial  photography, flight instruction,  aircraft rental, and aircraft  maintenance.

"The Boss" and his Pawnee

  His mechanic license includes an IA (Inspection Authorization). Pliot certification is for ATP (Airline Transport Pilot), airplane multi-engine land, Commercial privleges for airplane single engine land, and Experimental / Limited Aircraft: T-33.  Flight instructor privileges are for Airplane single engine land, mutil-engine land and instrument airplane.  He has over 18,800 flying hours with over half of those spent in tail wheel airplanes; and includes flight time in single and multi engine turbine and multi engine turboprop aircraft.  Wayne has been a pilot for 33 years and has owned his own business for 28 years.  He has spent a lot of his time flying 3 feet above the ground at 100+ mph in his Piper Pawnee; spraying anywhere from a few rows of garden crops to 1,000's of acres of wheat, sage brush, or seeding on a job.

  Wayne is married and has five children, one daughter and four sons.  His hobbies include snowmobiling, snow skiing, golf, pool, racquetball, and shooting sports.  He flies nearly every working day, 6 days a week.  He loves to fly and has had the opportunity to fly many different airplanes over the years.  He also loves to teach other people to fly and discover the wonder of flight.  Wayne had an opportunity to fly the USU Wright Flyer, which gave him a great appreciation for all that the Wright Brothers learned and accomplished.  It is evident that they were more than 'just bicycle mechanics.'


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