Flight Instruction

Der Instruktor

"Was nicht unmittelbar zum Tode führt, dient der abhärtung"
(What does not kill us, makes us stronger)

       Michael Groll
  Michael has been flying with Wayne since 1986.
  Through the years, he has added instrument and
  commercial ratings; in 2002 a flight instructor (CFI) and in
  2003 an instrument instructor (CFII) rating was attained.
  In 2007 he drove with his boys to Alaska and got his float
  plane rating at Alaska Float Ratings in Moose Pass
  Alaska.  The Multiengine and Multi-Instructor ratings were   added in 2011.  He usually
provides primary instruction   and does flight test prep for Wayne's clients, but he is not   above being the security blanky on Wendover trips as long as dinner is provided.  He is also a Mission Orientation Pilot for Angel Flight West.  So, if you are interested in providing tax deductible charity flights, give him a call.

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